Since we began HUNNICUTT in 2002, we have seen the opportunity to purchase excellent fruit other than Cabernet, Zinfandel and Chardonnay come and go. Very often this fruit presents itself as a one-year-only opportunity. After passing on very tempting fruit time and again, we decided to take advantage of an opportunity to purchase Syrah from a well known vineyard in Coombsville. It was a one-off contract that couldn’t be passed up. So, we started CUTT with the idea that we would produce varietal wines or blends that would most likely change from year to year. For example, we may do a Late Harvest Zinfandel one year (which we did) and a Petite Sirah the next. Although the varietal wines will change from year to year, there is one bottling under the CUTT label consistent in name, but not in blend – each year the blend will be something new, unusual and fun – and will bear the name ‘Fearless Red.’

2013 Fearless Red

Our 2013 Fearless Red is a wine that is quintessentially Californian for all the hunnicutt_red_07right reasons.  The nose is bright and beautiful, led by instantly gratifying notes of blackberry and blueberry preserves and uplifted by a comforting core of caramel, vanilla and hints of rich earth.  On the palate, the entry is abundant and fruit driven, continuing the promised berry theme well into the mid palate.  The finish brings hints of Christmas spices and sweet oak as well as a savory richness typical to Syrah that has a pleasing mouthwatering effect.

In true California style, this wine may have a bit of a swagger, but what can we say, it loves an audience.  Drink now, this wine will age beautifully for 7+ years, but be sure to enjoy a bottle or two in its youth as the bright fruit notes are truly wonderful.

13 barrels produced

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