The 2012 vintage has truly earned its pomp and circumstance and as our pinnacle blend, 9-3-5 is a hallmark of the vintage. Aromatics of dense blackberry, plum, sweet cherry preserves and dark chocolate immediately bloom in the glass. Once tasted, there is an immediate sensation of fulfilled expectation as the massive plum, blackberry and cherry notes expand and secondary flavors of clove, cinnamon and cedar evolve on the palate. Fine grain tannins are present throughout the mid palate and elegantly build in the finish, promising a beautiful future for this wine. We look forward to enjoying the 2012 9-3-5 well into our 20th year of marriage and beyond.

We believe the ideal drink window is from 2019 to 2030, but if you can’t help yourself and have to pop it sooner, we recommend a good decantation.  This wine will pair elegantly with freezer burned wedding cake (not really!) or a well marbled rib-eye steak.


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